Listol ReviewListol is an all natural supplement that many people use to help control the symptoms ADD/ADHD in both children and adults.

This supplement is a very popular alternative treatment as it is said to help by aliviate and manage ADD/ADHD by removing toxins from the body while enhancing memory and learning.

It is believed that 4-6% of the American population is diagnosed with ADHD, which is a condition which can play havoc with concentration and memory.

In infants and young children, Listol has been reported to have had a noticeable and positive effect on their school efforts, work quality and grades results. And it is not not just children who suffer with this condition. Adults also have ADHD and often find it difficult to concentrate at work or during important meetings.

Listol is an easy to use, safe and effective all-natural supplement that is said to flush out any toxins in the body that interfere with memory and learning. At the same time, Listol is also believed to help correct vitamin deficiencies commonly associated with ADHD.

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