adhd in girlsADHD in girls happens to be a subject that is gaining more attention. This is not really a huge surprise as this condition in girls often gets overlooked and not diagnosed as much as it does in boys.

While lack of focus is usually the main symptom, it is hyperactivity that is the symptom of ADHD that will attract the main attention. This will force parents to look for help and advice.

Although young girls can be just as hyperactive as boys of the same age, they tend not to cause as much trouble or as many problems.

Typical symptoms

When a girl is hyperactive, there are indicators such as excessive talking, silliness or some kind of emotional problems. However, it is usually the constant talking and trouble staying quiet at appropriate times that seems to be the biggest issue in girls. There is a pattern of interrupting others and jumping from one subject to another in quick succession even in a short conversation. If you see any of this, then it just may be linked to ADHD.

But be careful…

On the other hand, it may not be so straight forward as that, especially if a doctor takes a look. The medical profession does have a tendency to diagnose this type of behavior in girls as family or emotional problems. Sometimes, the doctor will link these behavioral problems in girls to past events, such as parents splitting up a few years ago or other similar episodes. They will say the girl is just ‘acting up’ or ‘seeking attention’. They may also state that ADHD in girls is rare.

Keeping an open mind

Each case is different to the next and the doctor may be correct. However, if there are no obvious causes like the ones mentioned above or similar, and there is no indication why the girl has these worrying behavioral traits, ADHD should not be ruled out.

But worryingly, because many doctors are quick to link behavior problems in girls to family or emotional problems, she is less likely to be diagnosed correctly if she does have ADHD. And if there is no hyperactivity signs, it is more than likely that ADHD will be hastily ruled out. This is common also when a learning disability is the cause of the problems.

A common reason why a girl may be misdiagnosed.

Some girls are thought of as quiet and shy. If the girl who is quiet by nature has ADHD, then it is very often overlooked as once again, many people in the medical profession expect to see signs of hyperactivity if looking for ADHD. Worse is that the girl may be labeled as having mental or learning difficulties, or being told that they will ‘come out of themselves’ once they get a little older.

There are many more reasons why ADHD in girls can be undetected for many years. And the longer it goes undiagnosed, the greater the risks are to the girls long term personal development. They may find it difficult to connect with others when they get older and her self esteem will gradually erode over time.

The tide is turning

So as you can see, ADHD in girls is something a lot of medical experts do not like to acknowledge. But it looks as if more information on the subject is being taken seriously and hopefully, this will change everything.

If you believe that you or a girl you know may be showing symptoms of ADHD, you should try and get as much advice as you can from a medical professional who knows how to recognize the symptoms, even if they are very subtle.

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