Listol Side EffectsListol is a supplement which is effective for treating ADHD as it consists of a potent blend of vitamins and minerals that is effective in improving attention span, increasing concentration and focus. Listol also reduces hyperactivity and improves brain function. Listol is effective because it balances and stabilizes the nutritional deficiencies associated with ADHD.

What are the effects of Listol?Listol contains supplements that significantly prevent deficiencies that contribute to the symptoms of ADHD. Listol is therefore effective in increasing attention span and focus while calming and balancing the neurotransmitter in the brain. Neurotransmitters transmit information within the brain and from the brain to all parts of the body.
Listol Side Effects

Listol is a natural supplement that does not produce many side effects, but the ones to look out for are stomach cramps and abdominal pains. Listol contains magnesium that may also cause diarrhea in some people. It also contains iron that can cause constipation in others.
A Warning on Drug Interactions

Drug interaction can occur with Listol such as with albuterol, aspirins and oral contraceptives, along with neomycin and folic acid and some other medications. It is important to inform your doctor of any medications or over-the-counter drugs you may be taking so that they may be assessed for any possible drug interaction.

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